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Organise Your Fretboard Knowledge To Play Any Song

Organize your fretboard knowledge to play any song Let‘s assume that you have left the beginner stage of playing guitar and know the most common bar chord shapes for major and minor. There are a lot of articles about those shapes so I will brush over these and show them below. What comes next is …

5 instant fixes to help you with your strumming

5 instant fixes to help you with your strumming Are you trying the sound of your strumming and it just isn’t sounding right?  Are you getting frustrated at how it doesn’t feel natural to you when you are strumming? It doesn’t come across as effortless like other guitar players you see?  Lots of beginner guitar …

Choosing A Guitar Teacher – Part 2

Are you still looking for the best guitar teacher in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas? I hope you read and enjoyed the 1st part of this article on How To Choose A Guitar Teacher. This is the 2nd part of the article, and should help you get closer to choosing the best guitar teacher for yourself, your children, your family or friends.

Choosing A Guitar Teacher – Part 1

How do you decide which guitar lessons to take, who is the best guitar teacher, or which guitar school your should choose? Surely all guitar lessons are the same, right? If I want to learn guitar, it should be the same to learn from teacher A or B or from the music school down the road, right?

Do You Have What It Takes?

“Am I musically inclined?” Many people have asked themselves this question. Or they tell me, “I don’t think I’m musically inclined”. They have a sense of self-doubt as to whether they can learn a musical instrument or whether they reach their desired playing level.

Natural Talent

What is Natural Talent? Do you really need “natural talent” to learn how to play an instrument? In my experience teaching guitar to hundreds of students over many years, I have come across many different types of students.