Guitar Improvisation Lessons

Guitar Improvisation Lessons

  • Are you completely happy with your improvisational skills on the guitar?
  • Can you honestly say that you can be expressive in your improvisations?
  • Do you struggle to create and play interesting melodies and phrases when playing over backing tracks?
  • Do you find it difficult to apply your skills and musical knowledge to improvise creatively, expressively and melodiously?
  • Can you improvise solos using the entire fretboard from the open strings right up to the last fret on your guitar?
  • Do you struggle to know what to do when improvising over chord changes?
  • Are you new to improvising and feel completely lost about what to do?
  • Have you been playing guitar for a while and can only improvise by ear without knowing what you are doing?
  • Do you want to master the skill of improvisation on guitar?
  • Are you looking for guitar improvisation lessons?

Experience Improvisational Freedom

Improvisation is one the most fun thing that you could do as a guitar player. If you are not happy with your current improvisational skills, you are like most guitar players.

Most guitar players just don’t know how to truly use their skills and musical knowledge to make real music. Music that you (and other people) would actually LOVE to listen to.

In my years of teaching, I have taught hundreds of guitar players and most of them have one thing in common. Their knowledge of technique and music theory far outweighs their ability to actually use them. Often when improvising, guitar players end up just ‘fishing’ for good sounding notes and the result is that it sounds EXACTLY like someone fishing for notes. These guitar players usually can perform a technique, but do not have them integrated into their playing well enough. When improvising over chords, these guitar players struggle to execute the techniques they already know how to play. Even if they do try, it just doesn’t sound very musical and sounds ‘robotic’ and lacks emotion. Sounds familiar?

When you don’t know how to truly use your guitar playing skills to improvise on the guitar, it is like having your skills locked in a box and you don’t have the key to opening it. It feels like being stuck, and helpless when you don’t know how to fully and fluently use the techniques and concepts that you worked so hard to achieve.

Impress with Improv

Now, imagine that you discovered the key to open the locked box. You are now free to do anything you want with your improvisation. Imagine taking someone on an adventure where you are in control. You tell your story and express it in the way that you want. When you improvise with your guitar, your solos just ‘fit’ the music perfectly and as you intend.

Imagine having the ability to use the entire range of the fretboard, from the first fret to the very last. Being able to improvise your guitar solos all over the neck, while knowing exactly where to go and where to put your fingers. Making it look as easy as your favourite guitar players do!

Here’s what you get

In Impress with Improv, we will focus on getting you to become not just good at improvisation, but GREAT at it. You will learn many improvisational concepts used by world class players. You will know how to improvise in any musical context, using the entire fretboard, in a variety of styles such as Blues, Rock, Metal and Pop.

  • You will learn how to choose the right notes for your solos.
  • You will learn about consonance and dissonance and how to use them in effective ways.
  • You will learn how to create cool exotic sounds and feelings in your solos – everyone will be dying to know what you are doing in your improvisation!
  • You will learn to use techniques and learn about the advantages of certain keys to utilise powerful improvisational tools.
  • No two solos will sound alike again, and you will learn to be so creative that you will never run out of ideas.
  • You will learn how to mix scales, modes and solo over key changes within chord progressions.
  • You will feel totally free to navigate the entire fretboard in your improvisation.
  • You will learn cool improvisational techniques and concepts and how to be creative with them.

Best part? We BURN these skills consistently into your fingers and brain so that you never forget.

For Beginners and up. Improvise like its second nature.