Choosing A Guitar Teacher – Part 2

Choosing A Guitar Teacher – Part 2

By Vishaal Kapoor

Are you still looking for the best guitar teacher in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas? I hope you read and enjoyed the 1st part of this article on How To Choose A Guitar Teacher. This is the 2nd part of the article, and should help you get closer to choosing the best guitar teacher for yourself, your children, your family or friends. If you missed the 1st part of this article, check it out here: Choosing a Guitar Teacher – Part 1

Use the tips below to find the right guitar teacher for you.

1. Find a teacher who has training on HOW to Teach Guitar

Hint: If the teacher talks mostly about their own skills and credentials he/she has most likely NOT been trained how to teach. Some of the things they may say would be, “I have completed Grade 8 exam”, or “I went to music school”, or “I play in a live band” or “I have been teaching for 30 years”. Most guitar teachers have ZERO training on how to teach, train and coach students. None of the above credentials are going to help you to learn guitar in the best possible way.

Ineffective approaches to teaching guitar gets poor results and frustration for students. Even if the teacher has been teaching for 30 years, they may have experience, but may not have exceptional teaching skills. Teaching for 30 years is just a statistic.

Solution: Get a teacher who has been trained specifically to teach guitar

2. Find a teacher who has a track record

Has the teacher successfully taught other people to achieve their musical goals? Do they have any proof or testimonials from students? Check out some of my students:

3. Find a teacher who offers multiple learning formats

Contrary to popular belief, Private (1-on-1) Lessons are NOT the best way to learn guitar. Other formats give you a lot of direct and indirect benefits that you cannot get with private lessons. This may seem counter-intuitive, but its true. If done correctly, learning in other formats will likely be more fun and get you faster results than typical, standard, 1 size fits all approach. If a teacher only knows how to teach private lessons, the teacher has likely not received any training on dynamic and geometric teaching methods.

4. Find a guitar teacher who uses a Geometric Teaching approach
A Geometric approach is a far superior teaching method compared to typical ‘Linear’ Approaches. A linear approach would be to teach you song by song, step by step. A Geometric approach would enable you to achieve the level of guitar playing you want to reach – so you can play anything you desire on the guitar.

5. Find a teacher who creates strategies to reach your goals
Most teachers don’t even know how to create a strategy for you. Without a plan in place, how will you achieve your goals?

6. Find a teacher who will help you to develop a practice routine
Without an effective practice routine, you will likely not be focused on targeting all the areas you need to work on.

7. Do NOT go for the cheapest lessons
You get what you pay for. Cheap lessons often indicate an inexperienced teacher. Excellent teachers are often in demand and have many students – because their students get great results. Don’t cheap out in the short run to only to lose in the long run.

8. Do NOT choose a teacher based on location
You might think its a waste of time to travel further for lessons, but if you work with an ‘average’ teacher, you will likely waste more time when you are practicing. You can often get greater results by practicing less when you work with an excellent teacher, saving time and frustration in the long run.

9. DON’T assume that a good guitar player is a good guitar teacher
This may seem obvious, many people mistakenly think a good guitar player will be a good teacher. Get a teacher who has been trained, has exceptional teaching skills and cares about your skills and struggles.

10. Don’t make the BIGGEST mistake of all!
Make a decision to get started right now. Don’t procrastinate on your dreams. Contact me right now and experience what it feels like to play guitar the way you have always wanted.

If you are the type of person who is committed to invest time and effort into yourself to becoming a great guitar player – I’m looking for a student just like you.

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