Guitar Courses in KL and PJ

At GuitarKL, its not ONLY about guitar lessons. There are many other programs and options that you can choose if you want to accelerate your progress. You can even choose to improve a specific area of your guitar playing or musical knowledge or skill set. 

Check out all the awesome programs below – these are NOT guitar lessons, these are other additional programs.

Dynamic Guitar Training

guitar training in KL, PJ
  • Do you lack motivation and inspiration to practice guitar?
  • Need additional help with your guitar skills?
  • Do you want intense guitar training that will ensure you reach your desired skill level?
  • Skyrocket your progress on the guitar with these awesome guitar training sessions!

Fingerstyle Revolution

fingerstyle guitar lessons in KL, PJ
  • Frustrated because you just can’t seem to get your fingers to move the way you want them to?
  • Dream of becoming one of those fingerstyle guitarists that people stand in awe of ?
  • Join the revolution! Master fingerstyle techniques from across the board of genres with no fuss over music notation!
  • Bring out the inner ‘Sungha Jung’ in you!!!!

Songwriting Finesse

songwriting lessons in KL, PJ
  • Craving the ability to create your own music?
  • Find it difficult to bring out the ‘you’ in your songwriting?
  • Want to move your audience physically and emotionally with your creations?
  • Join now and watch your ideas grow from a single note into a complete sensational song!!!

Phenomenal Phrasing

guitar phrasing lessons in KL, PJ
  • Do you feel your solos are flat and lifeless?
  • Master soloing and bring a whole different level of emotion to your playing.
  • Learn how to express yourself and develop your own sound just by applying all of the musical skills that you already have!

Impress with Improv

guitar improvisation lessons in KL, PJ
  • Struggling to impress people with your improvisations?
  • Do you feel like you just ‘fish’ around for notes when trying to improvise guitar solos?
  • Want to be able to improvise in any musical context?
  • Join now to master improvisation techniques and concepts to unleash the creativity within!!!!